Old News

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Scripps Coastal Reserve [added Mar 21]

Daddy went to pick up Mommy and Robby at the airport, and stopped at the Scripps Coastal Reserve on the way.

Miami Zoo with Grandma and Grandma [added Mar 21]

Mommy and Robby visited Grandma and Grandpa for a week in Florida.

Dinner with Popper and Granny Sue [added Feb 22]

Popper and Granny Sue came to our house for dinner. It's a 5-day birthday party! :-)

Photo Class at Quail Gardens [added Feb 21]

Popper and Daddy went to a photo class at Quail Botanical Gardens.

Popper's Birthday [added Feb 21]

We had dinner at Popper and Granny Sue's house for Popper's birthday.

California Adventure [added Feb 08]

We went to California Adventure, the second day of our Disney "2fer" passes. Robby was tall enough to try the Smoke Jumpers zip-line this year (unlike last year, which was very disappointing then).

Robby's Birthday [added Feb 07]

On Robby's birthday, we had ice cream sundaes. The next day, Popper and Granny Sue visited for dinner. On Saturday, Robby had a party with lots of friends and a bouncy house.

Disneyland [added Jan 31]

We went to Disneyland. Robby drove the Autopia cars five times, and had dessert for dinner.

Rose Parade Floats [added Jan 31]

We visited the Tournament of Roses post-parade Float viewing area in Pasadena with the Tapias.

Christmas [added Jan 16]

The Wiltshires visited for Christmas and New Year. Santa brought Robby a tiny remote-control helicopter. The Tapias came down the following weekend and stayed for a few days.

Christmas Pictures Soon [added Jan 01]

Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year!
(Photos from Christmas as time permits. In the meantime, enjoy some Robby Favorites.)

Jolly Lunch and Sing-Along [added Jan 01]

We went to Robby's preschool to sing carols and eat pizza.

Dinner at Popper and Granny Sue's [added Jan 01]

We had dinner at Popper and Granny Sue's house.

Carlsbad State Beach [added Dec 17]

Daddy went to the beach to take pictures of some photogenic weather.

Christmas Vespers at Mommy's Church [added Dec 17]

Mommy sang with the choir at church.