Old News

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"Pajama Day" [added Jun 29]

Today was "Pajama Day" at school.

"Crazy Day" [added Jun 29]

Today was "Crazy Day" at school. (Robby clearly gets his fashion sense from his Dad.)

Birthday Party [added Jun 29]

Zac and Caroline's birthday party

Boating with the Breiders [added May 24]

We went out on San Diego bay with the Breiders. Robby enjoyed his first ever fishing trip, but didn't catch anything.

Tooth Fairy [added May 24]

Robby lost his third tooth today.

Mud Monster! [added May 22]

Robby decided to play with mud. Quite a lot of mud.

Ladybugs at Quail Gardens [added May 22]

Quail Botanical Gardens ran a scientific survey of ladybugs.

More Soccer, and Biking with Grandma [added May 22]

Last day of Soccer at the Y. Riding a bike with Grandma (who rode a scooter).

Egg Hunt at Home [added May 22]

Easter Bunny filled a basket. Later, Daddy hid eggs.

Goodwins Easter Egg Hunt [added May 22]

The 35th annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Tapias Move In [added May 22]

The Tapias moved into their new house.

"Stick Park" [added Apr 26]

Robby wanted to see the Cat In The Hat, so we went to UCSD. He calls UCSD the "Stick Park" because he always finds a really big stick there.

Riding a Bike [added Apr 26]

Robby has taught himself to ride a bicycle, and today we took off his training wheels.

Three weeks of soccer [added Apr 26]

More soccer, more soccer, and more soccer.

Soccer Classes [added Mar 21]

Robby started five weeks of soccer classes at the local Y.