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Getting Back up to Speed [added Mar 17]

A lot has been happening since August (the date of the previous post).

In September, we visited Quail Gardens several times. We saw a concert by a band called Hullabaloo. We also went to the beach, and the Wild Animal Park.

In October, Daddy was in San Diego, and took some pictures at the waterfront. We flew kites at the beach. Cousins visited for Gabriel's birthday. Daddy went to Torrey Pines on a foggy day. Robby and Mommy got to ring the big bell at church. And, of course there was Orange and Black Day at school, and trick-or-treat on Halloween.

In November, Robby and Daddy went to the Stick Park. And for Thanksgiving we all visited Grandpa in Florida. We went bowling, and went to the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale.

In December, Rosco had an Unfortunate Adventure (he is all better now). Daddy had a birthday. The school had a Polar Express-themed parade. We visited the Garden of Lights at Quail Gardens, and saw a special guest. Cousin Ela had a birthday party. Grandpa came to visit from Florida. We all went to the Wild Animal Park. Robby and Daddy made a present for Grandpa. We had two Christmas dinners!

What a lot to do!

First day of Kindergarten [added Nov 14]

Robby's first day of Kindergarten, with his friend Abbey

Quail Gardens [added Sep 13]

A trip to Quail Gardens

Dinner Group [added Sep 13]

We got together with friends for dinner.

Kennedy Space Center [added Sep 13]

Daddy and Robby visited Kennedy Space Center.

A Trip to Florida [added Jul 26]

We flew to Florida to help Grandma who is in the hospital after receiving chemotherapy. We hope that the smiling faces in the pictures on these pages will help Grandma feel better while she fights to recover. We love you Phyl!

Mommy's Birthday [added Jul 26]

Mommy was out of town for her birthday this year, so we celebrated a couple of days late. Robby had a lot of fun with his cousins, Uncle Brent, and Auntie Jane.

July 4th in Sierra Madre [added Jul 26]

As is now traditional, we went to Sierra Madre for July 4th weekend. Daddy took his clarinet and had fun playing with the Sierra Madre City College Marching Band. Auntie Jane, Uncle Brent, and cousins Hallie and Kaira were also there, and it was great to see them.

Quail Gardens and Home [added Jul 26]

Robby and Daddy visited Quail Gardens' new children's garden. Then we went home and talked to Grandma on the phone.

A Walk at the Harbor [added Jun 29]

A nice day for a walk at the harbor. Robby still likes to try to ride his bike through tree trunks.

Father's Day [added Jun 29]

Father's Day

Hamilton Children's Garden [added Jun 29]

Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas opened a new children's garden. We went with cousins, and explored the big tree house and a lot of other fun things.

Tooth Fairy #4 [added Jun 29]

Robby lost his fourth tooth today. Symmetry!

Last Day of School [added Jun 29]

Today was the last day of school. There was pizza and popsicles!

"Hat Day" [added Jun 29]

Today was "Hat Day" at school.